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taken i am yours
im up and doing circles
i hate being trans.
im not proud.
its stupid.
i just want all my bits to match stuff.
fucking retarted.
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i wish i had no feelings.
feeling shit is really not cool.
i wish i was drunk.

the cops broke up the fc show at frank and erics.
it sort of sucked but was a "godsend" at the same time.
because rage wouldnt leave me alone.

i dont know if im gunna even bother going out tomorrow.
fuck. i have to. people are coming over.

i hate the stupidity of most people i run into.
about the simplest things.

also; why are so many people in my life suicidal?

Current Mood: blank blank

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i need to not be a manwhore.

Current Mood: aggravated aggravated
Current Music: amanda palmer- creep by radiohead

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kim says im depressed, those of you who have observed me, what do you think?
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fuck everything. im fucking awake. and im PISSED.

Current Music: lacuna coil- our truth

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im quite stoned right now.

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i dont know if im going to be able to afford to have a wedding. anyone got any extra money lying about? im pissed cause i think pete took it . [stupid cunt]. >< fuck these fucking people so bad.
i hate it here. and i hate these people.
it was so perfect this weekend when it was just morgan and me together alone. beautiful. how every day should always be.

i love her so much.


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check out that icon. fucken ellen page.
thanks to ai.
theres more but i cant decide which ones to put up.
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please notice me.
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there are some people in my life i wish would get out of it.
i better be able to go to morgan's tomorrow. i dont know what to do with weekends unless im there. the dresden dolls are eating my brain. weird, i just swallowed and my nose felt like i got water up it. i really need a haircut and chelsea wasnt working today, so i couldnt get her to do it. life is pretty lame, except for everything with morgan, which is beautiful. i really guess thats all.

Current Music: the jeep song- the dresden dolls

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